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In the beginning of everything, the Prima Star brought its light to create the universe. New worlds were born and, with them, female warriors imbued with the light of the Prime Star. Although these protectors are glowing supernovae, they are destined to collapse with the same intensity with which their fire burns.

Star Guards must learn the customs and rituals of a planet in order to blend in with its inhabitants and avoid any suspicions about their true nature. Such activities often help to strengthen the bonds between teams of younger Star Guards.

Star Guards are imbued with incredible power, but it comes with a lifetime of service to the universe. It is an existence fraught with responsibility and fatal consequences. Although it is very rare, a Star Guardswoman may renounce her destiny as a protector. However, the results of her decision reverberate throughout the universe and beyond.

It begins in total darkness. It’s so dark, I’m not sure I have my eyes open. It’s like waking up when there’s no electricity. All those familiar lights off, consumed. It’s just me in a deserted night.

Farruko – Pepas (Letra/Lyrics)

Vistazo rápido: Cincomas es un canal de suscripción en español que ofrece contenidos de España. El canal ofrece una variedad de programación que incluye series de televisión, entretenimiento, noticias y deportes. Debes suscribirte a este canal para poder añadirlo, por lo que no hay vistas previas disponibles, pero la tienda de canales de Roku afirma que la programación disponible incluye los siguientes programas:

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Descripción del canal del desarrollador: CincoMAS es un canal en HD con los programas más importantes de Mediaset España -Telecinco y Cuatro- liderados desde hace más de una década, con los programas de éxito sobre ficción, noticias de actualidad, deportes y entretenimiento.

Colleagues in the company used to call me ‘nigger faggot’.

The protest will go beyond the company, a consumer, educational and care strike has been proposed, which will make visible those other jobs in the domestic sphere that have traditionally been assigned to women, which will be highlighted with symbolic initiatives such as hanging aprons on balconies. It is necessary to demonstrate that “without the work and effort of women the world stops”, explains Elena Blasco, confederal secretary of Women and Equality of Comisiones Obreras. These are the causes to defend for which everyone should stop this day.

#WeStop because if we do the world stops. This #8M, we have plenty of inspiration! Here @flomeije putting images and color to this feminist revolution. do you send us your illustration? #hacialahuelgafeminista #feminismo #8demarzo #huelgafeminista #feminist #sororidad.

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“We are facing a real feminist outpouring. The reaction of more and more women who say enough to machismo and who demonstrate in a fierce way”, say from the 8M Commission. A fourth wave that is characterized by cyberactivism, thanks to which the call for these demonstrations and strikes is permeating many people. “This strike is a real process of creation and strengthening of feminism. The movement today is so strong that when it reaches a space, a person, there is no turning back. And the most important thing is that this overflow is not limited to a single day, this does not end on March 8. We want the feminist movement to stop being necessary”.

Farruko – Pepas (Letra/Lyrics)

Both allow us free access from any device if we want to watch live channels or series a la carte but both offer ads and have payment plans that have advantages over the free option. We review their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Mitele Plus can also be accessed internationally if you use the Mitele Plus international subscription, although the content will depend on the place from where you connect and you have to access the subscription section to check what content is offered from your country.

Atresplayer Premium allows us to enjoy two viewings simultaneously on the same account so it is possible to share it. There is also the option to download the content and turn off the Internet if we want to watch it on more devices at the same time.

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In the case of Mitele you will also be able to watch the content on two devices simultaneously, although here we do have some drawbacks: they cannot be two identical devices. That is, you cannot open two sessions from two computers or two mobiles or two tablets, for example. It must always be one of the sessions on a Smart TV or a TV with a set-top box and the other session from a mobile, a computer or a tablet. Something a little more uncomfortable than in the case of Atresplayer since there are limitations if you want to watch series on the tablet at the same time as your partner on the computer, for example.

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