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It is almost a metaphor for what the construction meant for this municipality in the north of Toledo of 27,066 inhabitants, on the border with Madrid, and which was once the paradigm of the excesses of the real estate bubble at the hand of the controversial Francisco Hernando ‘El Pocero’.

The company went bankrupt in 2015 and maintains a debt with the Tax Agency of 87.5 million euros. The embargo paralyzed the initial idea of ‘El Pocero’, whose firm still holds title to numerous plots, to erect 13,000 houses there.

“With the building permits we will be able to finance the pending infrastructure works [‘El Pocero’ left them unfinished]”, says the mayor, who appreciates that for months he has noticed the interest of “the landowning agents” of the land to build, although many are waiting for the crisis of raw materials, which has increased the price of building materials and paralyzed the new constructions.

It should be remembered, in fact, that this area of the community of La Mancha, led by Illescas, where the largest logistics complex in southern Europe is located, has become a pole of job creation and attraction for new residents from Madrid.

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The term “Quintanar” derives from the Latin word quintana-ae, which meant, in general, farm or house in the countryside. The term “de la Sierra” refers to the mountain range where it is located.

In silver field, and to the right side, a sinople tree supported by mountains of the same color: to the left side a natural cart that passes its shaft (aimon) through the tree’s trunk. On top of the wagon there is a sable arch with a sable Christian cross in its interior, in gold. Official Gazette of Castile and León nᵘ116 of June 24, 1987[1].

Most of the land of Quintanar is on the southern side of the El Campu peak, which conditions the geomorphology, lithology, hydrography, climatology, biota, edaphology, glaciology and settlement of the population center, among others.

In the direction of the river courses, these streams flow along the southern edge of the anticline of the Sierra de Neila and along the southwestern edge of the foothills of the Picos de Urbión. Their rivers are diverse and of a gentle quality.[16] The rivers are of a different type.

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Familiar and close treatment. They were very kind and kept the water bottles of the bike in the freezer for the next day’s route (in full heat wave). The dinner was very filling to replenish our strength. Hotel recommended for cyclists.

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The place is wonderful. The hotel is very quiet and the associated bar/restaurant is very spacious with very pleasant outdoor areas. The service is attentive and it is worth noting that it remains continuously open despite the scarcity of visitors.

This area offers activities like rafting, canoeing and bicycle tours. The property is 34 mi from Burgos. Natural Park Montes Obarenes-San Zadornil is a 1-hour drive away. N-623 Motorway is a 15-minute drive from the property.

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ALMERÍA – Prices are not going to go down any further. Experts in the real estate market in Almeria encourage to take this step: “It’s time to buy”. From El Toyo, the new residential expansion area of the capital, to Adra, extends a coastline of more than 60 kilometers, where the strong agricultural development of El Ejido has not managed to subtract beauty to the unique villages of western Almeria, an attractive place sheltered by the Sierra de Gádor and the Alpujarra.

With respect to the Levante Almeriense -it extends from Cabo de Gata to the province of Murcia-, the Poniente is a more affordable area as a result of the greater concentration of housing. “While in the other coastal area the constructions are of two or three floors, in this one there are buildings of six and seven floors, reason why it is an area of greater density of houses”, indicates Cózar.

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This high density has caused prices to drop considerably. Cózar assures that a typical house -a two-bedroom module, with 90 square meters, terrace and located in a development with a garden- that we used to be able to acquire for prices close to 200,000 euros, can now be found for around 100,000 or 120,000 euros.

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